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100+ Hilarious Cowboy Puns to Wrangle Your Funny Bone

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Ready to rustle up some side-splitting cowboy puns?

Whether you’re a city slicker or a true cowpoke, these jokes are sure to spur some giggles.

So saddle up and get ready to lasso some laughs!

Cowboy Puns

  • Why do cowboys always carry a rope? Because they don’t want to be tied down!
  • What did the cowboy say when his dog ran away? Well, doggone!
  • Why did the scarecrow become a cowboy? He was outstanding in his field!
  • What do cowboys put on their pancakes? Yeehawp syrup!
  • Why was the cowboy a great musician? Because he had a lot of bandwidth!
  • What do you call a cowboy who can read minds? A text ranger!
  • Why did the cowboy buy a dachshund? Someone told him to get a long little doggy!
  • How do cowboys stay cool? They sit in front of the fannage!
  • What type of books do cowboys read? Western novels!
  • What’s a cowboy’s favorite car? A Mustang, of course!

Hilarious Cowboy Puns

  • Why did the cowboy ride his horse? Because walking was un-stable!
  • Why do cowboys make terrible photographers? They always shoot from the hip!
  • Why did the cowboy get a job as a baker? Because he was great at yeasting dough!
  • Why did the cowboy hate windmills? They kept taking the wind out of his sails!
  • What do you call a really funny cowboy? A joke ranger!
  • Why did the cowboy break up with his girlfriend? She didn’t appreciate his horse sense!
  • What do you call a cowboy who never falls off his horse? A real stable genius!
  • Why do cowboys wear hats? To keep their herd thinking!
  • What’s a cowboy’s favorite genre of music? Cowntree!
  • How do cowboys greet each other? With a big howdy doody!

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Funny Cowboy Puns

  • Why did the cowboy bring a ladder to the saloon? Because he heard the drinks were on the house!
  • What did the cowboy say when he bought a new horse? This is a real horse deal!
  • Why was the cowboy always calm? Because he knew how to reign it in!
  • How do cowboys party? They go rodeo or go home!
  • What does a cowboy do before bed? He gives his horse a night bridle!
  • Why did the cowboy need a break? He was ranching out too much!
  • What do you call a cowboy’s turkey? A wild west fowl!
  • Why did the cowboy start a band? Because he wanted to be a country singin’ cowboy!
  • What did the cowboy say to his horse? Why the long rein?
  • What’s a cowboy’s favorite time? High noon!

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Cowboy One-Liners

  • The cowboy couldn’t find his horse, so he went to the find nearest stable.
  • If a cowboy rides by and lassoes you, is he roping you in?
  • A cowboy walks into a bar. The bartender asks: Get lost? Cowboy replies: No, just wandered.
  • Why did the cowboy always carry a pencil? To draw his gun!
  • Did you hear about the cowboy who bought a dachshund? Now he has long little doggies!
  • The cowboy had a lot of cattle but no brand. He was beef-less!
  • Why don’t cowboys make good detectives? They always let the cat out of the bag.
  • How does a cowboy cool off in the summer? He sits in front of the range!
  • Why was the cowboy so bad with dates? He always had ranch time.
  • What do you get when you cross a cowboy with an octopus? Your very own live Bronco.

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Best Cowboy Jokes

  • Why did the cowboy land in jail? He couldn’t stop horsing around!
  • What did the cowboy say to his horse? You’re my mane squeeze!
  • Why don’t cowboys ride cows? Because then they’d be dairy farmers!
  • How do cowboys say sorry? They offer an ap-paw-logy!
  • Why did the cowboy ride a bull? He wanted to beef up his skills!
  • What type of shoes do cowboys wear? Boots!
  • How do you spot a lazy cowboy? He’s always worn out!
  • What’s a cowboy’s favorite fruit? Cow-berries!
  • Why did the cowboy make a great lawyer? He was fantastic at rounding up arguments!
  • What do you call a group of musical cowboys? A Country Band!

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Best Cowboy Puns

  • Why did the cowboy join the rodeo? To hone his bronco busting skills!
  • What’s a cowboy’s favorite snack? Trail mix!
  • How did the cowboy become a billionaire? He roped in some good investments!
  • Why don’t cowboys play hide and seek? Because good luck finding them in the open range!
  • Why did the cowboy become a farmer? He wanted to branch out!
  • What’s a cowboy’s favorite dance? The two-step!
  • How do cowboys talk to each other? Using horse code!
  • Why did the cowboy file bankruptcy? He had too many longhorns bills!
  • Why was the cowboy afraid of his boss? Because he didn’t want to get canned!
  • What’s the favorite math topic of cowboys? Ranch-ionals!

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Cowboy Puns and Jokes

  • Why did the cowboy get a pony? To help ease his stal-ion ways!
  • How do cowboys send secret messages? Using horse code!
  • Why do cowboys always carry guitars? For those spur-of-the-moment gigs!
  • What do you call a chatty cowboy? A yarn spinner!
  • Why was the cowboy so focused? He had one lasso-m goal!
  • What’s a cowboy’s favorite dog breed? A cow-ter collie!
  • Why do cowboys hate snow? It’s hard to rope up a snowball!
  • Why do cowboys love coffee? It’s brew-tiful stuff!
  • How do cowboys stay fit? They wrangle their way to wellness!
  • What did the cowboy say while fighting? I’m not just horsing around!

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Short Cowboy Puns

  • A cowboy’s favorite salad? Ranch dressing!
  • Why did the cowboy move to Alaska? For a cooler herd!
  • What do cowboys call unknown cowboys? Mystery herd!
  • What’s a cowboy’s workout? Ranchering!
  • Why do cowboys love memes? They’re always up for a yeehaw!
  • What’s a cowboy’s favorite musical? Yeehawndler!
  • Why don’t cowboys make good lawyers? They’re always horsin’ around!
  • Why did the cowboy join the choir? He loved baritone!
  • What makes cowboys laugh? A stable joke!
  • Why was the cowboy kicked out of school? He horsed around too much!