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120+ Hilarious Donkey Puns (Braying with Laughter)

Create an image of a group of cartoon donkeys in various humorous poses, each laughing and wearing colorful party hats, with a backdrop of a sunny farm setting. Each donkey holds a placard with a play

Hey there, pun lovers! 🐴 Ready to embark on a wild ride of giggles and guffaws?

Donkeys might be known for their stubbornness, but we’re about to show you just how good they are at kicking up some laughs.

Sit back, relax, and let’s dive headfirst into the world of donkey puns that’ll have you braying with laughter!

Donkey Puns

  • What did the donkey say when he was cornered? I won’t be a beast of burden for long!
  • Why did the donkey cross the road? To prove he wasn’t a chicken!
  • Have you heard about the donkey magician? He was always disappearing, then reappearing with a “Ta-da-Donk!”
  • What’s a donkey’s favorite instrument? An ass-trumpet!
  • Why don’t donkeys like being promoted? They can’t handle the bray-sure.
  • How do donkeys stay cool in the summer? They use an ass-fan!
  • What’s a donkey’s favorite dance? The Hokey Donkey.
  • Why did the donkey bring a ladder to the bar? He heard the drinks were on the house!
  • What game do little donkeys play? Donkey Kong!
  • Why did the donkey sit on a clock? He wanted to be on time-ass!

Hilarious Donkey One-Liners

  • Donkey’s favorite coffee? De-bray-ct!
  • I told a donkey a joke, now he thinks he’s a stand-up ass.
  • Beware of the donkey, he’s a real kick in the pants.
  • Why are donkeys terrible secret agents? They always leave brays behind!
  • What did the school donkey say? “I mule over my homework a lot!”
  • Donkeys are bad at hide and seek; they always get-around.
  • Found a donkey locked in a room – he must’ve lost his key-ass!
  • Why did the donkey go to school? He wanted to bray-ten his future!
  • Donkeys aren’t good listeners; they’re just stubborn-ass usual.
  • What do you call a donkey with a PhD? An ass-ociate professor!

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Best Donkey Jokes

  • Why did the donkey act like an idiot? He was just “horsing” around!
  • How does a donkey get the whole class to laugh? By telling a “bray-mer” joke!
  • Why did the donkey visit the psychiatrist? He kept getting “bray”-n freeze!
  • What happens when you cross a donkey and an onion? You get an ass that brings tears to your eyes!
  • Why was the donkey a terrible musician? He always brays off key!
  • What do donkeys always say before telling a secret? “Promise you won’t kick me if I’m wrong?”
  • How do donkeys ask for help? Donkey wish you would help me?
  • Why did the donkey wear a disguise? He didn’t want to be recognized-ass!
  • What does a sporty donkey put on before playing basketball? His ass-lets!
  • Why don’t donkeys get into political arguments? They always vote with their bray-n!

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Best Donkey Puns

  • That donkey is quite the comedian; he’s a real punny-ass!
  • Donkeys don’t like liars; it’s a matter of ass-principle.
  • Why are donkeys such good philosophers? They always know how to mule over a question.
  • Save water, ride a donkey – it’s a no bray-ner!
  • A stubborn donkey is often full of mulishness.
  • What did the donkey order at the drive-thru? An ass-escue meal.
  • Why did the man start enjoying donkey jokes? He had a real ass-peration for humor.
  • Life is short, bray hard, laugh harder!
  • Donkeys have a reputation for being a bit asinine, don’t they?
  • The donkey got promoted because he was outstanding in his field. Also, because he was the only one who applied.

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Donkey Puns and Jokes

  • Why was the donkey feeling philosophical? He was having an existential crisis of the ass.
  • Donkey went to the doctor; turns out he was merely feeling bray-zy.
  • What do you get when you cross a donkey and an eel? A shocking experience for the eel.
  • Donkey’s favorite detective? Sherlock Moanes.
  • Why did the donkey get a ticket? Bray-king and entering!
  • A donkey walks into a bar and orders a drink; the bartender asks, Why the long bray?
  • How do donkeys listen to music? With their BrayPods.
  • The donkey joined the debate team, now he’s a master debater-ass.
  • Donkey’s motto? Bray it, don’t spray it.
  • Why did the donkey cross the playground? To get to the other slide-ass.

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Short Donkey Jokes

  • What do you call a donkey who can play the piano? A musical ass-tist!
  • Why did the donkey get a job at the bakery? Because he loved buns!
  • Donkey’s favorite fruit? Bray-nanas!
  • What did the donkey say at the picnic? Pasture the potato salad!
  • How do donkeys send messages? Via e-ass-mails.
  • Why did the donkey wear sunglasses? To prevent being ass-terminded.
  • Who is the donkey’s favorite singer? Bray-tney Spears.
  • What did the donkey say during Rush Hour? I’m hoofing it!
  • How do donkeys stay in shape? Bray-erobics.
  • What do you call a donkey that’s really low in calories? A light-ass.

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Final Words

Thanks for sticking with us through this wild–and wildly entertaining–ride.

We hope these donkey puns have brought a smile to your face and added a bit of sunshine to your day.

Feel free to share these with friends, family, or anyone else who could use a good laugh.

Until next time, keep braying and keep smiling!