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120+ Ship Puns (Setting Sail with Laughter)

An animated scene on the deck of a whimsical pirate ship, where talking cartoon animals dressed as pirates are laughing and exchanging jokes, with puns about ships appearing in speech bubbles above th

Ever find yourself in ship-shape spirits and eager to share some nautical nonsense?

Well, hoist the anchor and prepare to laugh, because we’ve got a trove of ship puns sure to float your boat.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or just wading into the waters of wordplay, these puns will have you rolling in the deep with laughter.

Let’s chart a course through a sea of giggles!

Hilarious Ship Puns

  • Why did the pirate go on vacation? He needed some Arrr &R.
  • What do you call a fancy boat? A yacht to be kidding me!
  • Why don’t ships ever get lost? They always sea the way.
  • What’s a ship’s favorite artist? Car-go van Gogh.
  • Why do sailors always carry pens? Because they need to sea the point.
  • What do you call a lazy pirate? Captain Snooze-beard.
  • What’s a pirate’s favorite movie? Booty and the Beast.
  • Why did the ship blush? It saw the ocean’s bottom.
  • What does a ship say when it has a sound system problem? Can you sea me now?
  • How do sailors like to watch TV? With boat-load control.

Funny Ship Puns

  • How did the pirate get his ship for so cheap? It was on sail.
  • What’s a sailor’s least favorite fish? Pirah-nah!
  • Why do ships make terrible party planners? Because they’re always stern.
  • Where does a ghost ship go? To boo-y school.
  • How do sailors communicate across the seas? With pier-to-pier networks.
  • Why did the sailor break up with his girlfriend? She was too clingy.
  • What’s a sailor’s favorite type of music? Rhythm and bruise.
  • Why did the captain sit on the deck? He needed to get his bearings.
  • What type of stories do ships tell? Fish-tales!
  • Why don’t pirates shower before walking the plank? Because they’ll just wash up on shore later.

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Ship One-Liners

  • I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it.
  • Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; they sink because of what gets in them. So stay afloat!
  • If this boat rocks, I’m not the one knocking!
  • No one likes a shady boat. They’re always keeping things in the dock.
  • Got my ship together. Now I’m cruising through life.
  • This boat has ship-loads of personality.
  • Drowning in responsibilities? Time to board the escape yacht!
  • If you’ve got ship problems, I feel bad for you, son. I’ve got 99 problems, but a dock ain’t one.
  • When life gives you lemons, set sail for citrus sunshine.
  • Don’t let anyone scuttle your dreams.

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Best Ship Jokes

  • Why did the ship’s captain start a ship? He wanted to sea the world!
  • What kind of tea do sailors drink? Pirate tea!
  • Why did the pirate ship break down? Someone left a message in a bottle.
  • How does a ship show affection? With a buoy and arrow.
  • Where do ships go when they’re sick? To the dock.
  • Why don’t pirates shower before walking the plank? Because they’ll just wash up on shore later.
  • What do you call a ship full of polite sailors? A courtesy cruiser.
  • Why do pirates avoid bakeries? Because pastry can be treacherous .
  • How do boats manifest good luck? They exercise positive buoyancy!
  • What do pirates get after a cold winter? Chilly toes!

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Best Ship Puns

  • What do you call a ship that doesn’t sink? The unsinkable II.
  • What did the emotional ship do? It let off some steam.
  • Why did the sailor sleep in the lighthouse? He wanted to have bright dreams.
  • How do you make a ship feel better? Give it a pier-hug.
  • What’s the most popular doughnut on a ship? A life-ring.
  • Why are boats always so calm? Because they sea the lighter side of life.
  • How does a boat show love? With lots of cuddles and kisses.
  • When do you fix a boat? When it barges in unexpectedly.
  • What’s a boat’s favorite Olympic event? Sail-ing!
  • Why can’t the ship stop listening to music? It’s hooked on sea-bass.

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Ship Puns and Jokes

  • What did the ship do at the comedy club? It went overboard with jokes!
  • Why can’t you play cards on a sinking ship? The captain keeps yelling, “Abandon Ship!”
  • Why do sailors never get lost? Because they always follow the mast!
  • What’s a sailor’s least favorite vegetable? Leeks!
  • Why don’t ships mind a bit of rain? They’re already waterproof.
  • Why did the captain go to school? To improve his knot skills.
  • How do boats greet each other? They wave!
  • What kind of food do ships eat? Big M.A.Cs: Maritime and Chips.
  • Why are ships so bad at keeping secrets? Because they’re always spilling the beans.
  • What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday? “Aye matey!”

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Short Ship Puns

  • Naut on my watch!
  • Decked out and ready.
  • Oh buoy, here we go again!
  • Feeling a bit docky today.
  • Batten down the hatches!
  • Row-row your boat.
  • Going overboard with fun!
  • Ship happens.
  • Don’t be a dinghy.
  • Full steam ahead!

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If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re in ship-shape condition from all the laughter.

These puns and jokes are perfect for lightening the mood, anchoring down a conversation, or just sailing through a tough day. So keep them handy, and don’t be afraid to share them with your crew.

Until next time, may your sails be full, your anchor be firm, and your spirits always buoyant!