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120+ Squid Puns to Kraken You Up!

A vibrant, whimsical cartoon scene underwater featuring a group of squids laughing and exchanging jokes, with speech bubbles containing puns, surrounded by colorful coral and smiling fish, in a playfu

Welcome to the oceanic pun party! If you’re a fan of wordplay and cephalopods, you’ve tentacled in the right place.

These squid puns will have you laughing so hard you’ll ink yourself.

Let’s dive in and reel in some giggles!

Squid-tacular Puns

  • Why don’t squid ever get angry? Because they just ink it all out.
  • What does a squid use to get online? The squinternet!
  • Why was the squid a great musician? It had perfect inktonation.
  • What did the squid say to the shrimp at the disco? Let’s dance, shellfish!
  • How do squid clean their houses? With squeegee squid mops.
  • What’s a squid’s favorite instrument? The squidrums.
  • Why did the squid blush? It saw the ocean’s bottom.
  • How do you make a squid laugh? You tentickles it.
  • What do you call a lazy squid? An inktrovert.
  • Why was the squid so good at science? It had plenty of inktoplasm.

Hilarious Squid Jokes

  • Why did the squid join a band? To play in the inktet!
  • What’s a squid’s favorite kind of story? A squidtacular tale.
  • How does a squid go into battle? Well-armed!
  • What do you get when you cross a squid and a tropical fruit? An inkiguana.
  • How do squids keep their hair in place? Squid spray.
  • What kind of car does a squid drive? An Octo-mobile.
  • Why don’t squids use social media? They’re afraid of getting in too deep.
  • How does a squid write a letter? With a fountain pen.
  • Why was the squid cast in the horror movie? It was squidtastically scary.
  • What’s a squid’s favorite movie? The Squidfather.

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Funny Squid Quips

  • Why did the squid ink itself? It was feeling blue.
  • What’s a squid’s favorite snack? Salt and vinegar ten-tickles.
  • Why did the squid go to school? To improve its ink-llect.
  • How do squid send secret messages? In invis-ink.
  • What’s a squid’s favorite musical genre? Ink-die rock.
  • Why did the squid start a blog? To write ink-redibly good stories.
  • What do you call a squid that’s full of itself? Inkflated.
  • How do squid apologize? I ink I’ll do better.
  • Why are squids terrible liars? They can’t help but squirm.
  • Why don’t squids ever get lost? They have an excellent sense of di-ink-tion.

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Squid One-liners

  • I’m hooked on squidding.
  • Squid you not?
  • Let’s squid-tle this once and for all.
  • Squidding me softly.
  • Squid you believe it?
  • That’s ink-redible!
  • She’s a real squidtator.
  • What’s Kraken?
  • Don’t be so shellfish!
  • Let’s get kraken!

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Best Squid Jokes

  • What’s a squid’s favorite TV show? Squid Games, of course!
  • Why did the squid turn down the job? It couldn’t see itself o-fish-ally working there.
  • What do you get when a squid wins the lottery? Squid-oodles of money.
  • How did the squid feel after its ink-spection? The results were inktimidating.
  • What did the squid say at the party? Let’s get squidtastic!
  • What’s a squid’s favorite exercise? Squid-stretching.
  • Why did the squid fail the test? It was in too deep.
  • How do squids ask for help? Through ink-sist-ence.
  • What’s the squids’ favorite movie sequel? Finding Ink-O.
  • How do squids celebrate their birthday? They throw a tentacular party.

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Best Squid Puns

  • Squidn’t that be funny if I snuck another joke here?
  • Ink you very much for reading.
  • You’ve kraken me up!
  • Tentakills me with these jokes.
  • If you see a squid waving, it’s just tentacling.
  • Ink-credible, right?
  • That joke really sucked… like a squid.
  • Squid marks are just marine graffiti.
  • No squidding, these are great puns!
  • Squid-ally, we all love puns!

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Squid Jokes and Puns

  • Why did the squid trip on the seabed? Because seaweed!
  • Where do squid learn about the ocean? At a sea-minar.
  • Why did the invisible squid do well in school? He was always out of sight but never out of mind.
  • Do squids know the alphabet? Yes, but they leave out “Q” and “S”.
  • What do you get when you mix a squid with a baseball player? An ink-outfielder.
  • Why was the squid always calm? Because it didn’t want to rock the boat.
  • How does a squid organize its schedule? With ink-cans.
  • Why did the squid break up with the jellyfish? Too many shocks and stings in the relationship.
  • What did the squid say during a boring movie? This is ink-stolerable.
  • How does a squid stay in shape? With ink-stense swimming.

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Short Squid Puns

  • Tentacular, aren’t they?
  • Feeling squiddy?
  • That’s squid-erful!
  • Let the puns roll ink!
  • Squid of honor.
  • Can you squidentify this?
  • All’s well if you squid it well.
  • Wanna squid up some puns?
  • Squiddingly good!
  • Ink-joy the moment!

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Well, there you have it! Hope these squid puns had you laughing so hard, you’re now swimming in tears.

Keep kraken those jokes, and stay punny, my friends!