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100+ Taylor Swift Trivia – Test Your Knowledge!

100+ Taylor Swift Trivia – Test Your Knowledge!

Hey there, Swifties! Are you ready to dive deep into the world of Taylor Swift with some fun and fascinating trivia?

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just getting to know her music, we’ve got a mix of questions that will test your Swiftie smarts.

Let’s see how much you really know about Taylor Swift! Grab your friends, get comfy, and let’s begin the ultimate Taylor Swift trivia challenge.

Taylor Swift isn’t just a name; it’s a pop culture phenomenon. From her early days as a country singer-songwriter to her current status as a global superstar, Taylor has carved a unique path in the music industry.

With multiple chart-topping albums, numerous awards, and an ever-evolving style, there’s always something new to learn and love about Taylor.

Ready to prove your Taylor Swift knowledge? Let’s go!

Taylor Swift Trivia

Early Life and Career

  1. Where was Taylor Swift born?
    • Reading, Pennsylvania
  2. At what age did Taylor Swift move to Nashville to pursue her music career?
    • 14
  3. What was the title of Taylor Swift’s debut single?
    • “Tim McGraw”
  4. Which year did Taylor release her self-titled debut album?
    • 2006
  5. What inspired Taylor Swift to write songs?
    • Her experiences and emotions during high school.

Albums and Songs

  1. What is the name of Taylor Swift’s second studio album?
    • “Fearless”
  2. Which album features the hit song “Love Story”?
    • “Fearless”
  3. What year was the album “Speak Now” released?
    • 2010
  4. Which Taylor Swift album is known for its “Red” scarf?
    • “Red”
  5. What’s the title of Taylor’s first pop album?
    • “1989”
  6. In which song does Taylor sing about her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal?
    • “All Too Well”
  7. Which album includes the song “Shake It Off”?
    • “1989”
  8. What is the name of Taylor Swift’s 2020 surprise album?
    • “Folklore”
  9. Which song contains the lyrics “You take my hand and drag me head first, fearless”?
    • “Fearless”
  10. What is the title of Taylor Swift’s 2021 re-recorded album?
    • “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”

Awards and Achievements

  1. How many Grammy Awards has Taylor Swift won as of 2023?
    • 11
  2. Which album won Taylor her first Album of the Year Grammy?
    • “Fearless”
  3. Taylor Swift is the first female artist to win Album of the Year at the Grammys three times. True or False?
    • True
  4. What prestigious award did Taylor receive at the 2016 Grammy Awards?
    • Album of the Year for “1989”
  5. Which Taylor Swift music video won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video in 2009?
    • “You Belong with Me”

Collaborations and Influences

  1. Who did Taylor Swift collaborate with on the song “Everything Has Changed”?
    • Ed Sheeran
  2. Which artist featured Taylor Swift on their song “Half of My Heart”?
    • John Mayer
  3. Who is the co-writer and producer frequently associated with Taylor’s “1989” album?
    • Jack Antonoff
  4. Which female pop star joined Taylor Swift in the song “Bad Blood”?
    • Kendrick Lamar
  5. Taylor Swift collaborated with which artist on the song “Exile” from the “Folklore” album?
    • Bon Iver

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Personal Life

  1. What is the name of Taylor Swift’s beloved cat that is named after a TV character?
    • Olivia Benson
  2. Who is Taylor Swift’s brother?
    • Austin Swift
  3. Taylor Swift dated which One Direction member?
    • Harry Styles
  4. Which famous actor is Taylor Swift reportedly dating as of 2023?
    • Joe Alwyn
  5. What is the name of Taylor Swift’s childhood best friend who appears in her music videos?
    • Abigail Anderson

Tours and Performances

  1. What was the name of Taylor Swift’s first headlining tour?
    • “Fearless Tour”
  2. In which year did the “Red” Tour commence?
    • 2013
  3. Which stadium tour had the highest-grossing concert tour in U.S. history?
    • “Reputation Stadium Tour”
  4. What was the special name of Taylor Swift’s 2019 concert at the Central Park?
    • “Lover’s Lounge”
  5. Taylor Swift performed at which major event in 2013?
    • The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Fun Facts

  1. Taylor Swift has a famous nickname derived from her songwriting abilities. What is it?
    • “America’s Sweetheart”
  2. Taylor Swift made a cameo in which 2014 dystopian movie?
    • “The Giver”
  3. What character did Taylor Swift voice in the animated film “The Lorax”?
    • Audrey
  4. Taylor Swift named one of her cats after a character from which popular TV show?
    • “Grey’s Anatomy” (Meredith Grey)
  5. In which year was Taylor Swift included in Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world?
    • 2010

Lyrics and Music Videos

  1. Finish the lyric: “I knew you were trouble when you __”.
    • “…walked in”
  2. Which music video features Taylor crashing a wedding?
    • “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”
  3. What color is associated with Taylor Swift’s “Red” album?
    • Red
  4. In which music video does Taylor Swift wear a shimmering dress and a masquerade mask?
    • “Love Story”
  5. Which song mentions, “the best people in life are free”?
    • “New Romantics”

Trivia for Superfans

  1. What pseudonym did Taylor Swift use for writing songs for other artists?
    • Nils Sjöberg
  2. Which iconic artist did Taylor Swift open for early in her career?
    • Brad Paisley
  3. What is Taylor Swift’s favorite number?
    • 13
  4. Taylor Swift holds the record for most entries on the Billboard Hot 100 for a female artist. True or False?
    • True
  5. Which song did Taylor write for her mother, Andrea Swift, when she was diagnosed with cancer?
    • “Soon You’ll Get Better”

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More About Albums

  1. Which album is the song “ME!” from?
    • “Lover”
  2. What year did Taylor release the album “Lover”?
    • 2019
  3. Which album contains the song “Blank Space”?
    • “1989”
  4. Which song features the lyrics “We never go out of style”?
    • “Style”
  5. What was the first single released from “Red (Taylor’s Version)”?
    • “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”

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Taylor Swift’s Impact

  1. Taylor Swift donated $1 million to which cause after the devastating floods in 2016?
    • Louisiana flood relief
  2. Taylor Swift has been a strong advocate for which social issue?
    • LGBTQ+ rights
  3. Which Taylor Swift song has been used in various political campaigns?
    • “Only the Young”
  4. Taylor Swift has spoken out against which music executive in a public dispute over her masters?
    • Scooter Braun
  5. What significant action did Taylor take regarding her music catalog in 2019?
    • Announced the re-recording of her first six albums

Taylor Swift’s Style Evolution

  1. Which fashion magazine did Taylor Swift grace with her first cover in 2009?
    • Teen Vogue
  2. What hairstyle did Taylor Swift famously rock during her “Red” era?
    • Straight hair with bangs
  3. In which year did Taylor Swift make her high-profile transition from country to pop music?
    • 2014
  4. Which designer did Taylor frequently wear during her “1989” era?
    • Elie Saab
  5. Taylor Swift’s fashion style is often described as what?
    • Classic and chic

Songwriting and Inspiration

  1. Which famous country singer was an inspiration for Taylor Swift’s early career?
    • Shania Twain
  2. Taylor Swift wrote “Back to December” as an apology to which ex-boyfriend?
    • Taylor Lautner
  3. Which song did Taylor write about her brief relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal?
    • “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”
  4. Which song commemorates her childhood home in Pennsylvania?
    • “The Best Day”
  5. What inspired the song “Our Song”?
    • A high school talent show performance

Record-Breaking Achievements

  1. How many records did Taylor Swift break with her album “Folklore”?
    • Multiple, including the most-streamed album in a day on Spotify by a female artist
  2. Which Taylor Swift album became the best-selling album of 2020?
    • “Folklore”
  3. What significant achievement did Taylor Swift earn with her “Fearless” album on Billboard 200?
    • First female artist to have three albums in the top 10 at the same time
  4. Taylor Swift was the youngest winner of which prestigious award?
    • CMA Entertainer of the Year
  5. How many times has Taylor Swift appeared on the Time 100 list?
    • Multiple times

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Acting Roles

  1. Taylor Swift played a role in which romantic comedy film?
    • “Valentine’s Day”
  2. In which year did Taylor make her acting debut on the big screen?
    • 2010
  3. What character did Taylor portray in the TV show “New Girl”?
    • Elaine
  4. Taylor Swift appeared in which 2019 movie adaptation of a famous musical?
    • “Cats”
  5. What was Taylor Swift’s role in the movie “The Giver”?
    • Rosemary


  1. In which TV show did Taylor Swift guest star as herself?
    • “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”
  2. Which song did Taylor Swift write for the soundtrack of “The Hunger Games”?
    • “Safe & Sound”
  3. Taylor Swift’s music is featured in which popular video game?
    • “Just Dance”
  4. Which Taylor Swift song became a viral TikTok trend in 2021?
    • “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)”
  5. Which city did Taylor Swift reference in her song “Welcome to New York”?
    • New York City

Behind the Scenes

  1. What is the name of Taylor Swift’s production company?
    • Taylor Swift Productions, Inc.
  2. What significant business move did Taylor Swift make in 2020?
    • Signed a new record deal with Republic Records
  3. What did Taylor Swift study at the Hendersonville High School?
    • High School Diploma
  4. Which law does Taylor Swift advocate for regarding artists’ rights?
    • Music Modernization Act
  5. Which famous music producer did Taylor work with on her early albums?
    • Nathan Chapman

Taylor’s Public Persona

  1. Taylor Swift is known for her close relationship with her fans, often referring to them as what?
    • Swifties
  2. Which social media platform does Taylor Swift use to interact with her fans most frequently?
    • Instagram
  3. Taylor Swift hosted listening parties for which album at her own home?
    • “1989”
  4. Taylor Swift’s Tumblr blog was famous for what type of content?
    • Personal thoughts and interactions with fans
  5. What initiative did Taylor Swift start to assist young women facing hardships?
    • Swift Student Fund

Final Questions

  1. What is the title of Taylor Swift’s debut poetry book?
    • “A Collection of Poetry by Taylor Swift”
  2. Which Taylor Swift song references “December”?
    • “Back to December”
  3. Taylor Swift has a song dedicated to her mother. What’s the name of the song?
    • “The Best Day”
  4. What was the name of Taylor Swift’s 2020 holiday special on Disney+?
    • “folklore: the long pond studio sessions”
  5. What message does Taylor Swift often promote through her music and public appearances?
    • Empowerment and self-belief.

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Final Thoughts

And there you have it, folks—100+ trivia questions to test your Taylor Swift knowledge!

Whether you aced it or learned something new, we hope you had fun.

Taylor Swift’s journey from a young country singer to an international pop icon is nothing short of inspiring.

Remember, it’s not just about knowing all the answers; it’s about enjoying the music and the stories behind it.

So, keep listening, keep loving, and stay fearless, Swifties! Until next time, shake it off and enjoy the magic of Taylor Swift’s music.