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150+ Lip Puns and Jokes That Will Make You Smile

150+ Lip Puns and Jokes That Will Make You Smile

Welcome to the ultimate compilation of lip puns that are bound to make you smile, smirk, and perhaps even pucker up in delight!

Whether you’re looking to add a splash of humor to your chat or just need a punny pick-me-up, these carefully curated quips about our pout-worthy pals will not disappoint.

So, let’s not gloss over the fun—dive right into these chuckle-inducing one-liners that are all about the kisser!

Lip Puns to Set the Tone

  • Why do lips always lose at poker? Because they can’t keep a straight face.
  • What did one lip say to the other? “We really need to stick together.”
  • How do lips solve their problems? They just gloss it over.
  • What’s a lip’s favorite type of music? Hip-pop!
  • Why were the lips so good at relationships? They always know how to pucker up at the right moment.
  • What do you call a worried lip? A bit lippy.
  • Why don’t lips gossip? Because they’re afraid of smacking.
  • How do lips greet each other? With a peck on the cheek!
  • What kind of stories do lips tell? Lip-synced tales!
  • What do you call an artistic lip? A lip Picasso!

Hilarious Lips Puns

  • What did the lip say to the annoying chapstick? “Balm voyage!”
  • Why don’t lips like secrets? Because they’re always talking back.
  • What do lips do when they get too hot? They use chap-stick.
  • Why are lips bad at being detectives? They always split.
  • What kind of suits do lips wear? Lip-suits!
  • What’s a lip’s favorite exercise? Jaw-bics.
  • How do lips stay smart? By reading plenty of lip-erature.
  • Why don’t lips fight? Because they prefer a truce pout.
  • What’s a lip’s favorite drink? Chapagne!
  • Why do lips always get the last word? Because they have a strong finish.

Funny Lips Puns

Hilarious Lips Puns

  • Why do lips always avoid the spotlight? They prefer to chap in private.
  • What do you call a really colorful lip? A rainbow pout.
  • How do you know a lip is an optimist? Always looking at the bright side of the mouth.
  • What’s a lip’s favorite way to relax? Lip-itation.
  • Why don’t lips make good poker players? They can’t handle the lip of faith.
  • What did the lip say to the chapstick? “You complete me.”
  • What’s a lip’s least favorite movie? Silence of the Lips.
  • How do lips follow the law? They always gloss over it.
  • What do lips and flowers have in common? Both need to be tended to with tenderness.
  • Why are lips notorious in the spirit world? Because they talk back.

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Lips One-Liners

  • “I told a joke about my lips, but it was a bit chapped.”
  • “Lips are the best communicators—word of mouth!”
  • “Lips don’t like math—they can’t count on their kisses.”
  • “When lips move, it’s always a speaking engagement.”
  • “Never trust a lip—too many slips.”
  • “Lips like to smooth things over with gloss.”
  • “Lips in winter—balm’s the word!”
  • “Keep your friends close and your anemones closer, said the coral lip.”
  • “Lips at the spa—just here for the peels.”
  • “Lips reading a book? Now, that’s a lip-read!”

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Best Lips Jokes

  • Why do lips always avoid spicy food? It’s too much for them to handle.
  • What do you call a lip without chapstick? Naked!
  • Why are lips so proud? They always brag about their glossary.
  • What do lips and banks have in common? Both have lots of deposits.
  • Why do lips love to shop? They’re always picking up new balms.
  • How do lips maintain their cool? Frequent pep talks.
  • What’s a lip’s favorite place at school? The glossary.
  • Why do lips whistle? To stay sharp.
  • What’s the best thing to give a sad lip? A little pep talk.
  • Why don’t lips get lost? They always stick to the path.

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Best Lips Puns

  • Why do lips love mirrors? They like to reflect on their appearance.
  • What’s a lip’s favorite day? Balm Sunday!
  • Why did the lip refuse to speak to the tongue? It didn’t want to slip up!
  • What’s a lip’s favorite activity at the park? The see-saw, because it’s all about balance!
  • How do lips keep their feelings hidden? By keeping a stiff upper lip!
  • Why are lips always drawn to light colors? They don’t want to be caught dead in matte!
  • What do you call a lip that’s a great comedian? Laughably lip-licious!
  • Why do lips love to use smartphones? Because they’re all about face time!
  • What’s a lip’s favorite type of weather? Balm-y days!
  • Why did the lip go to school? To improve its lip-eracy!

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Lips Puns and Jokes

Lips One-Liners

  • What do you call a lip that’s been sunburned? A crisp pout!
  • How do lips stay informed? They read the gloss-ary.
  • What did the lip say after a makeover? “I’m re-balm-ed and beautiful!”
  • Why do lips make poor secret keepers? They tend to gloss things over.
  • What’s a lip’s life motto? “You must stand firm and pout your best foot forward!”
  • Why did the lip join the gym? To get into pout-er shape!
  • What did the lip do at the comedy show? It cracked up!
  • Why don’t lips argue? They just kiss and make up.
  • How do lips handle tough times? They just keep pushing through the chap.
  • What do you call a lip that’s an expert in karate? A chop-suey lip!

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Short Lips Puns

  • “I kissed a lip and I liked it—the taste of cherry chapstick.”
  • “Lips in cold weather? Just chilling.”
  • “My lip’s favorite hobby? Speaking volumes.”
  • “Lips don’t lie—they just gloss over the truth.”
  • “Two lips met. It was love at first peck.”
  • “Old lips never die—they just fade out.”
  • “Lips at a party? Always spouting off.”
  • “Why do lips love shopping? For the lip-service!”
  • “A word from the wise lips—stick together.”
  • “Lips in the library? Bound to be read.”

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Final Words

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations—you’ve just puckered through a marathon of lip puns that hopefully brought a smile (or a wry smirk) to your face!

Whether you plan to unleash these at your next social gathering, drop them in your chats to spice up the convo, or simply keep them as a cheerful reserve for a rainy day, remember: when words fail, puns step in to seal the deal with a smile.

So keep those lips primed and ready, because as we all know, every kiss begins with a quip! Keep pouting those puns and maybe, just kiss a little more often—not everyone can handle the power of a great lip pun!