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100+ Hilarious Jaw Puns (Cracking Smiles)

An illustration of a jovial group of cartoon teeth and jaws, each wearing a party hat and cracking jokes with speech bubbles filled with puns, in a brightly colored, comic-style dental office setting.

Ready to flex those facial muscles and crack a smile? You’ve jaw-st walked into the right place!

We’ve assembled the best jaw-dropping puns to tickle your funny bone.

Get ready to chew on these hilarious jaw puns that are sure to leave you grinning from ear to ear!

Jaw-Dropping Jaw Puns

  • I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down—just like your jaw after this joke!
  • Do orthodontists ever get bored? Probably not, they’re always bracing for more!
  • I told my dentist I broke my tooth while playing football. He said, You should have used a mouth-guard, not a jawkeeper.
  • Why did the jaw get a promotion? It was really up to the task!
  • What does a jaw say during an argument? I’m about to snap!
  • After a jaw surgery, can you still chew gum? No, that’s a hard bit to swallow!
  • Jaws sang while eating. He was just gnawing a tune!
  • Did you hear about the jaw that won a medal? It was a real jaw-some achievement!
  • Orthodontists might seem uptight, but they really know how to brace themselves!
  • What did the stubborn jaw say to the dentist? I won’t bite… much!

Hilarious Jaw Puns

  • Why did the jaw go to school? To get a little more bite!
  • When my jaw dropped unexpectedly, I guess it had a falling out!
  • A jaw’s favorite genre of music? Hip-pop!
  • My jaw didn’t win the contest, but it was a close bite!
  • What type of paintings do jaws prefer? Jaw-droppings!
  • Why don’t jaws ever lie? Because the truth comes out in their bite.
  • No matter what happens, always keep your chin up—and your jaw aligned!
  • My jaw loves to debate. It’s great at oral arguments!
  • Did you hear about the jaw that could dance? It had great moves up and down!
  • What happens when jaws team up? They form a jaw-some duo!

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Funny Jaw Puns

  • Why don’t jaws ever make decisions? They can never chew-s!
  • If you watch TV with your mouth open, it’s called jaw-tching.
  • What did the jaw say to the tongue? Stop flapping, I’m trying to rest!
  • Can jaws get lonely? Sure, it can be a real gnawing feeling.
  • When jaws meet, it’s al-jaw-nescence in bloom!
  • What do you call a sneaky jaw? A jaw-ker!
  • Is your jaw tired? It might need some down-time!
  • In a heated debate, my jaw just couldn’t hold it in. It snapped!
  • For jaws, giving a compliment is known as a jaw-ffirmation.
  • Why did the jaw stay home from work? It was feeling quite unhinged!

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Jaw One-Liners

  • Why did the jaw start a podcast? To become an oral influencer!
  • Knock-knock! Who’s there? Jaw. Jaw who? Jaw kidding me?
  • My jaw loves comedy. It always drops in laughter!
  • What do you call a jaw that loves gadgets? Tech-jawed-y!
  • I would tell you a jaw joke, but it might be a bit too chewy.
  • Don’t jaw-st sit there—give these puns a laugh!
  • Got a problem? Just jaw about it!
  • Having a bad day? Keep your jaw up!
  • I have a great jaw-line—it’s called my sense of humor!
  • What do jaws call their best friends? Jaw-some buddies!

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Best Jaw Jokes

  • Why do jaws love jokes? Because they crack up easily!
  • My dentist cracked a joke—and my jaw! Now that’s a two-fer!
  • Did you hear about the jaw that became a detective? It was always good at jaw-breaking news!
  • Why did the jaw form a band? To provide hardcore chomps!
  • Jaws make the best storytellers—they really know how to bite into a plot!
  • When the jaw wants to recharge, it takes a powerful gnaw-p!
  • How do jaws express frustration? With a lot of gnashing teeth!
  • A jaw at a wedding is always ready for the first bite of cake!
  • Jaws may look tough, but they’re sensitive deep down. Gum-sational, isn’t it?
  • A jaw’s favorite part of dinner? The bite size portions, of course!

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Best Jaw Puns

  • I couldn’t be-jaw-elieve how funny these puns are!
  • Did you hear about the jaw that started a blog? It’s got some great bite-sized content!
  • What do jaws call their gym? The chew-mnasium!
  • If jaws needed a PR team, they’d say, We’ll give you something to chew on!
  • Why are jaws great at finances? They always make ends meet!
  • What’s a jaw’s favorite TV show? The Brady Bunch—so many chins!
  • If jaws played sports, they’d definitely be champions in the chew-lympics!
  • What did the jaw say during a yoga session? I’m just trying to stay centered.
  • Jaws love a good workout. They’re great at jaw-gling different tasks!
  • Jaws are the best at karaoke. They know all the mouth-watering hits!

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Jaw Jokes and Puns

  • Why are jaws always calm? They never let anything rattle them!
  • Did you hear about the jaw in the stand-up comedy act? It really knew how to chew up the scenery!
  • How does the jaw greet a friend? “Chew you later!”
  • Why did the jaw start a fitness regiment? To keep a chiselled chin!
  • What’s a jaw’s secret to great oral hygiene? To floss-terity!
  • Why are jaws always great listeners? They chew over everything they hear!
  • Got a secret? Don’t worry, the jaw will keep its mouth shut!
  • When the jaw needs a vacation, it prefers to go somewhere with a bite to it.
  • I told my dentist a joke that was so funny, my jaw fell off!
  • Why do jaws always understand each other? They all speak the same chew-language!

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Short Jaw Puns

  • Jaw-st in time for some laughs!
  • Brace yourself—here comes another pun!
  • Why did the jaw wink? Because it had something to chew on!
  • Don’t jaw-st stand there, keep reading!
  • Feeling blue? These jaw puns will lift you up!
  • A jaw is always ready to tackle anything bite-sized!
  • What’s a jaw’s favorite instrument? The jaw-harp!
  • Jaws never lie; they always keep it straight.
  • This pun is jaw-dropping!
  • There’s jaw-some puns to chew over!

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Hope you enjoyed these jaw-some puns!

Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and a hearty chuckle is always jaw-dropping fun!

Until next time, keep smiling!